"True North is your orienting point - your fixed point in a spinning world - that helps you stay on track as a leader. It is derived from your most deeply held beliefs, values, and the principles you lead by. It is your internal compass, unique to you, representing who you are at your deepest level." -Bill George

True North Movement is a yoga studio in Durham, New Hampshire. We share the teachings of traditional yoga combined with functional movement and structural integration to create a very mindful and meditative practice. Our mission is to help people become efficient with their energy in motion, and to find greater ease within the walls of themselves.

Noteworthy Happenings:

True North Yoga School

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend Intensive Program September 2019-April 2020. If you have ever considered becoming a yoga teacher or turning your yoga knowledge into wisdom, this is for you. Everyone in this program will have time to work 1:1 with the Lead Trainer to gain true understanding of the practice and teachings of yoga. This program is different from others in the area because it includes a more in-depth study of anatomy, bio-mechanics and functional movement. Payment plans can be arranged upon request, contact us for details!

  • Yoga Studies Program starts June 29. This 5-part series was designed for the yoga students who are looking for something in between a 60 min. workout class and a yoga teacher training to learn more about this practice. Early Bird Discount ends June 1! More information here.