True North Yoga School

Yoga Studies Program

This 20-hour, 5-part series is a comprehensive study of yoga, in the context of personal practice. It was designed for:

  • The yogi who wants to further their yoga education without a teacher training program

  • The yoga teacher that seeks clarity or new understanding (qualifies as Continuing Education Hours for yoga teacher registration through the Yoga Alliance)

Here’s the thing: none of us really came to yoga just because everything was going so well. Right? Maybe it was an injury, anxiety, or some other kind of dis-ease that brought you in the door in the first place. Something about it resonated, you kept showing up, and it slowly made little changes in your life. Like, maybe you made a green smoothie instead of an egg sandwich, for example. Maybe you practiced deep breathing to calm your nerves before a job interview, and it worked. So now you want to know, why? And how can we turn this knowledge of yogic practices (which is what you get in a 60min. yoga class) into true wisdom? Yoga is mindfulness, equanimity, and resilience. It’s a way of being, if you can apply the practices. This program will give you the tools to take it off of your mat, and into your life.

The Five Sessions:

  1. Meditation

    Topics of discussion:

    Science of meditation and yoga

    Meditation techniques

    Negativity Bias and it’s role today

    Neuroplasticity (ability of brain to learn, and how to use it to build better habits)

  2. Anatomy

    Topics of discussion:

    Major Bones/Muscles

    Joint Actions

    Fascia & Connective Tissues

    Positional Terminology

  3. Asana Lab

    Topics of discussion:

    Alignment Principles

    Structural Integration

    Stages of Movement

    Traditional Asana vs. Functional Movement Techniques

  4. Energetics

    Topics of discussion:

    Body/Mind Connection

    Chakra System

    Reiki and Restorative Practices

    Hindu Mythology

  5. Philosophy

    Topics of discussion:

    History of Yoga

    Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

    Types of Yoga

    Yoga for Resilience


First Round Fall Program: Saturdays 9:30am-1:30pm (Pre-Registration REQUIRED before September 14)

  • September 21

  • September 28

  • October 5

  • October 12

  • October 19

Second Round Fall Program: Fridays 5-9pm (Pre-Registration REQUIRED before October 18)

  • October 25

  • November 1

  • November 8

  • November 15

  • November 22

Investment: $350 for entire program

Single Session: $75

RYTs, please note: each session qualifies as Continuing Education Hours toward maintaining your registration with the Yoga Alliance.

To Apply: Please email for your application. Payment in full is due within one week of acceptance to the program.